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Translation Date determination for updating table BSET

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Hi all,

The table BKPF has a field called WWERT (Translation Date). We need to calculate the Exchange rate based on the translation date which is in a different period(9). The table BSET has fieds LWBAS (Tax Base in Country Currency) and they must get updated with correct values based on the translation date, but that is not happening as the exchange rate is calculated based on the posting date/billing date(which is in period 12). The exchange rate is determined from the TCURR table but its taking the Exchange rate based upon the document entry/posting date. Could you please help me understand why this is happening since this leading to inconsistency in the ECSL report.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please check the configuration in the following IMG node.

Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Tax on Sales/Purchases -> Calculation -> Change Foreign Currency Translation

Please read the IMG activity documentation for the above configuration node.

Change Foreign Currency Translation

Normally tax amounts are converted using the exchange rate that is specified by the tax base amounts. For more information, see the IMG documentation for Specify Base Amount in Customizing under Financial Accounting Global Settings (New) or Financial Accounting Global Settings. However, if you want to enter a different exchange rate when entering documents or you want to have the system propose one when you enter documents, then you have to make settings here.

In this activity, you enter the following for each company code: whether, in the case of foreign currency postings, it is possible to enter a separate exchange rate for the currency conversion of the tax amounts. The following settings (among others) are possible:

  • Enter tax exchange rate manually

  • Determine exchange rate based on posting date

  • Determine exchange rate based on document date

  • Determine exchange rate based on tax reporting date

If you do not make any settings here, then the currency is converted, as before, using the exchange rate that is derived from base amounts in document and local currency belonging to the tax code.


For each company code, ensure that the prerequisites are met so that you can enter a separate exchange rate for the conversion of taxes.

Further notes

If you enter a different exchange rate (differing from that in the document header) during document entry, then it is possible that differences can arise in the local currency. Therefore, you need to enter an account for the posting of exchange rate differences. For more information, see Define Account for Exchange Rate Difference Posting.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Srikanth,

Now that the documents have been posted with the translation date of document date, what can be done to rectify the issue so that the Adv. sales report and ECSL report match? Your help would be appreciated.


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I don't know what is the volume of transactions impacted here, but the only option that I see is reversal and reposting with the new configuration. I don't think changing the existing documents is possible.