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Hi Dears,

We have 7 company codes, I have dout about

1. Is it possible to transfer of the employee from one company code to another company code In SAP?

2.Is it possible to two company codes merging?

Can you help me please.



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Yes, you can transfer employee from one company code to other by using company code to company code organizational transfer action if there is location change depending upon PA/PSA change from company code to other.

Also, you can consolidate company codes if there is definite requirement that either company is about to shut down and employee has to be moved to other company, etc and make sure you transfer employee to relevant existing company code that exists in system as the company code that you want to consolidate will be deleted as a part of consolidation and make sure all postings are done before for this company and all employees are moved completely.



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In HR point of view each company code is a separate legal entity with individual balance sheet.

Transfer from one company code to other company code is not possible, if situation demands the only solution is to run hire action in the other company code for the same employee, and historical records can be maintained with PA.

Merging of two company codes also not possible as per me.



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Company code is a legal entity and it consist laws and legal statutaries.

You cant transfer employee to another company code directly because employee belocngs to PAs for different company codes and assign those PAs to the respective company codes

So better terminate the employee in one companycode and rehire in other company code where it will assign to new PA.