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Transfer values without a usage decision

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Is it possible to transfer master characteristic values from the inspection lot to the general characteristic - without needing a usage decision? The values should show up in the MSC2N screen. We are on ECC 6.0 release.

Thanks - Mike

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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pls go to SPRO >Basic Settings>Maintain settings at plant level

Select your plant and double click

Go to inslotcompletion tab, you can see batch valuation tab screen.

Tick the same and save

for your info if you give F1 on this you can see


Batch Valuation Possible Without Specification


If you set this indicator, a link between the master inspection characteristics and the class characteristics for the batch class must exist when an inspection lot is created, for batch valuation to occur when the usage decision or inspection point valuation is made. A link within the material specification is not required.

If you do not set this indicator, batch valuation only occurs when the usage decision or inspection point valuation is made, if a link using the material specification exists between the master inspection characteristics and the class characteristics for the batch class. In this way, you can control on a material-dependent basis whether the batch characteristics are valuated based on the inspection results."

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I have set the indicator batch valuation without material spec

I have a master characteristic created and assigned to a general characteristic which in turn is assigned to a class.

For control indicators I have the following set :

lower and upper inspection limit

sample procedure

single result, optional char

scope not fixed

long term inspection, record measured values

calculated char

The general characteristic is numeric

multiple values

interval values allowed

additional values

no restrictions

The master characteristic is assigned in the inspection lot with an origin of 09

when the inspection lot is created with QA01 with a material number and plant along with origin 09, I create a batch and enter a value of 1 in the inspection lot qty field. I then save the transaction and the system creates and assigns an inspection lot number to the material batch.

I go into the inspection lot using the QE01 transaction and enter the results

I then do a select all and click on valuation icon and then the close icon.

I then click on save

At this point I would like to see the values of the inspection lot transfer to the MSC2N transaction screen in the classification section . At this point in time the all the characteristic fields are still blank.

The only way to transfer the data is to do a usage decision and that is what I would not like to do.

Any ideas of what I am missing?

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I think create quality specification in QS61 which will link Class charecterisctics values to MIC .

Then go to MM02( QM view) select inspection lot type and select insp with Matspec

and then see i think it will be possible


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Hi Mike,

As I know if you use inspection without inspection points, Transfer of Inspection Results to Batch Class only possible when you make the usage decision.

(please refer to this:

If you want to Transfer of Inspection Results to Batch Class when results are recorded the you should try to use Inspection lots with inspection point processing.

(please refer to this:

When you link the Master Inspection Characteristic to characteristic value for the batch (Class Characteristic) you should consider whether the data type of the characteristis is "NUM" or "CHAR", please follow the documentation below:

If the general characteristic is of the data type "NUM," the following conditions must be fulfilled:

u2022The master inspection characteristic must be quantitative.

u2022The two characteristics must have identical units of measurement, if a unit is assigned to the class characteristic.

u2022The control indicator for the upper specification limit and the control indicator for the lower specification limit must be set in the master inspection characteristic.

u2022The interval limits for the class characteristic must be maintained as follows:

Master insp. characteristic | Class characteristic

Lower spec. limit only | lower limit, no upper limit

Upper spec. limit only | upper limit, no lower limit

Both specification limits | both upper and lower limit

If the class characteristic is of the type "CHAR," the following conditions must be fulfilled:

u2022A selected set from catalog type 1 was assigned to the class characteristic.

u2022The master inspection characteristic is qualitative.

u2022The "Characteristic attribute" indicator is set for the master inspection characteristic.

I hope the information is useful for you



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Mike

Yes it is possible to transfer values of MIC to Batch characteristics.

To achieve this, you have to attach class characteristic to MIC



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Edited by: Brahmaji Devarapalli on May 20, 2009 4:29 AM

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Hi Brahmaji ,

Thanks for your response, could this be done using an inspection type of '09' ?

- Mike