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Transfer the quota entitlement to another quota through IT 2012

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Hi everyone,

Can anybody help me on this requirement.

Hi have Quota XX which is accured every year for an employee and in march or april employee request to transfer the unused quota from XX max say 12 to transfer to another quota YY using IT 2012.

the same quota which is transfeered to YY should be deducted from XX.

Can any one help me in writting the PCR and configuration part of infotype 2012

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Answers (2)

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This is fairly simple...

You can do the follwoing. Lets say you use It2012 and record using subtype TRANS

The hours in TRANS is stored in Time type Z001.

when you run the function P2012 you will generate Z001 in TES.

In your PCR, create the follwoing




In this rule, Time Type Z001 should be associated with generation of your XX quota

In this rule, Time Type Z002 should be associated with generation of your YY quota

With this, you will increase your XX quota and reduce your YY quota.

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As you plan to use manual process via IT 2012, I would recommend you to consider other way to realize your requirement: via IT 2013 there you can make deductions and addtions without writing new PCR.


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Hi ,

The requirement is that employee will inform HR about the transfer the absence quota XX to another quota YY.

and when HR enter the unused quota in IT 2012 then that amount of quota should be deducted from quota XX. I donot think that

IT 2013 will be usefull.

If you think that is useful can you put some light how

which option should be used in IT2013