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Transfer Posting

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Respected Members,

i m discussing a real time issue ,kindly help me if anybody know something.

I have one subcontracting po for example in which one main item and one component is availbale.

For ex Main item : Assembly

component name: Test1

subcontracting po number :12345

and Order quantity for component in subcontracting po is :60 kg

Now for this component company has a stock of 100kg.

Suppose we are sending this component to vendor through tcode 'MB1B' with ref to po number

As soon as we give po number 12345 in mb1b automatically this component with quantity 60 kg comes ,now suppose out of 60 kg we had given only 30 kg to vendor.

So the company stock has been reduced from 100 kg to 70 kg and the still po quantity that we have to deliver to vendor is 30 kg only.

Now issue arises from here that is again if we go to second time to MB1B tcode and give the same po number 12345 ,it will be taking again 60 kg will appear automatically in the quantity and somebody can post it easily ,it won't give any warning or error message but our requirement it should not allowed more than 30 kg to post becoz 30 kg is only remaining to give that vendor.

So think is that i want to quantity to verified according to subcontracting po that once it delivered through mb1b and same po if somebody is deliverying again through mb1b then it should take the remaing quantity not more than that .

Please give me the solution.

I don't whether it can be possible through configuration setting or through abap coding.

Please whoever can help something will be appreciable.

Thanks a lot

Reply immediately.

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I think that you have to do an abap coding in the include ZXTRKU12 where you can do all the validations and then use the FM BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE to do the transfer posting.

You can give a validation to check whether the correct quantity is there or not and then carry out the goods movement.

Hope it works,



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Thanks for some reply.

Can you tell me in which exit this include lies and after putting my code ,how to use the fm bapi_goodsmvt_Create so that everything works perfect and we move to MB1B tcode it start giving error when we try to post more quantity.

Please explain me in details.