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Transfer Posting between plant to plant under 2 company codes

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Hello all,

I have 2 company codes 9002 and 2850.

Under 9002 there is a plant 9002 with storage location WHSE.

Under 2850 there is a plant 3105 with storage location WHSE.

Whenever I am moving a material from plant 3105 to 9002, I am getting the following error in the system:

No accts maintained for company code clearing between comp.cds 9002 and 2850.

The system clearly requires a configuration to solve this error. But my doubt is, is there any other way by which I can solve this error without making any new configuration??? My client does not need any configuration but wants this error to be resolved. Is there any way???

Kindly advise.

Thanks and Regards,


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This is absolutely a SAP standard error which can be easily solved by FI guys.

Though I dont remember the transaction code now but it becomes necessary to maintain clearing accounts between two company codes for accounting consistency.

Please convince your client and get it done from FI guys. You will have to show your consulting skills here.