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transfer of Stock from Storage Type S910, BIN GR-AREA to Multiple BINS of another Storage Type

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Pls let's know the process / APP using which we can Transfer of Stock from Storage Type S910, BIN GR-AREA to Multiple BINS of another Storage Type.

e.g Goods receipt posted for say 100 SKU qty 1000 Cs each. 

Stock generated at Storage Type S901 - BIN GR-AREA

We needs to place the stock into 100 BIN's of single Storage Type.

Pls let's know how we can do that. 


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello Pallavi . Please see more information about the scenario


In SAP S/4HANA Cloud.  Material Documents - Read, Create help you to the transfer posting ,
This service enables you to retrieve and create material documents, for example, to post a goods receipt for a purchase order or to document the transfer of materials between two storage locations

Create transfer posting by Using this API you can transfer stock to specific storage BIN as well.

Transfer Stock - In-Plant transfer postings within a plant

Transfer Stock - Cross-Plant transfer postings where  you can make transfer postings from one plant (issuing plant) to another plant (receiving plant).


You can use the Warehouse Storage Bin - Read (A2X) API as
this service enables you to retrieve warehouse storage bins, for example, to use as value help or to assist in the process of bin verification by code while processing warehouse orders.

Learn More with Documentation

In addition you can Get Storage bin info for article. Learn more with API documentation

Warehouse Physical Stock by Product - Read, Update (A2X)
Retrieve physical stock by product with this synchronous inbound service
This allows you to analyze the current situation of physical stock in a warehouse.