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Transfer control - Between Supplier and "Center" (Plant)

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Hi everyone,

Is there any standard transaction to view the material being transported between supplier and plant? I would like to know how much material the supplier sent me but is still in transport (I haven't done the Goods Receipt yet as it hasn't arrived at the plant)

This is necessary because when I execute my MRP I need to discount the material that the supplier has already sent me so as not to make a new request for the same quantity.


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You may may make use of the ASN functionality with inbound delivery which will allow to monitor the delivery. Also, if you can use Transportation Management, it will allow to track the complete shipment. There are reports like VL06I (IBD report) or VT20 (shipment tracking), with all details.

However, if its for MRP -  if there is any new requirement generated, system will consider it and create new proposals - either PR or planned order in standard. You dont need to mark it whether its in transit or not.


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Tks for clarification!!!!