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Transfer Company Codes to Another System under a new company code

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We have 2 company codes in which we want to move to another SAP system but under one new company code. Is it possible to create a new company code and bring the two company codes under this company code. We do not really require to move all the historical data, just the balances will be fine. Please provide your insight how this can be done.

Can the 2 company codes be transferred to the new company codes as cost centers? Or what kind of design can work in this situation?

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As the historical information is not required the approach to be adopted can be as under:

1. A cut off date has to be determined for transfer of balances to a new Company Code.

2. All Business Processes mapped in both the Company Codes should be there in the new Company Code.

3. All GL Accounts to be extended to new Company code.All Customer and Vendor masters are to be created.

4. All the GL Balances are to be brought over.

5. All open item managed GL Accounts (line item wise) to be populated in the new Company Code.

6. All open items of Customers and Vendors are to be brought over.

7. Material Master to be broght over if the same are no there in new Company Code.

8.All open Purchase Orders and Sales Orders are to be broght over.

You can use LSMW to do the data conversion.



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Thanks for the reply, Murali.

The cut off date would be a month-end date, of course.

I have the following questions:

The G/L accounts from the two company codes will be transferred to the new company code, what would happen if the two company codes are using identical G/L accounts. Do we create just one account and bring the balances over from the two company for those accounts? The same question I have for cost centers also. One of the company codes use asset accounting. How do we deal with it in the new company code?

Just to give you more information- the sales order and purchase order are not being used in any of the companies nor do we have any customer accounts. The B/S and P&L are generated at the company code level which we want to be able to do at the new company code level also.What would the B/S and P&L would look like in the new company code?

Sincerely appreciate your help!