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Transaction MIRO

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Hi everybody! I am working in SAP 4.7 and I want to put an invoice to other company code that isn´t PO company code.

When I enter to transaction MIRO I select company code and then I put PO number, only this.

But I need to modify company code for a invoice? Can I do that?

Thanks in advance


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I wonder if this is really a business requirement from FI team or you are just experimenting....Company code is a legal entity which means, all its accounting should go indpendently from any other company codes of one organization. So, for the purchases what a CC does, it is responsible for clearing payments to vendors solely....So, even legally (as defined for Company Code legal terms), it is not allowed and SAP works just this way....Not sure, if you are OK with the explanation but shall appreciate if you can confirm what you asked is a real Business Requirement. Then, we can question about how the business is legally going fine so far...