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Transaction codes in version 4.70

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I am observing this for a long time, but I could find any solution.

In R/3 version 4.70, if we execute some of the transaction codes from IMG, the right bottom of the screen shows the transaction code as SPRO. It does not show up the real transaction code.

Even if we check right click on activity, check the technical properties, it does not show up the real transaction code.

Example: Set country-specific checks in IMG under General Settings. The transaction code for this is OY17, whereas if we go by menu path it shows SPRO.

Does anybody knows solution for this?



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even we too experience the same problem. I cant say that what Iam suggesting is a complete solution but a workaround.

Select Additional information from Menu bar when you are at IMG-Additional InformationDisplay key---IMG activity

When you expand a node the words are displayed below additional info. Usually the last 4 words are the T.code.



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I just read your comments.

This is quite useful for me too.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Linda Verding

Staff Consultant - CSC