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Tranform templateu00B4s Excel files into *.txt for Data Transfer Workbench

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I have some problems transforming the data files to import since Data Transfer Workbench.

I haven't the extructure of de Excel templates of SAP BO.

What is more important: I'm transforming the data with Access consults, and I use Access for convert the Excel to *.txt files. So, somebody could tell me another way to do this?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can have the structure of all DTW templates in C:\Program Files\SAP\Data Transfer Workbench\Templates.

They are in csv format, but I think this is more easy to save them in txt format (with tab), because you will be able to use "," in the numbers easily.

For more help on how to fill the templates, you can have a look at DI API help (in the SDK folder). You will find the explanation of every column of your templates.



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