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Tranding partner field (COEP-VBUND) on cycles (KSU5)

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We need to copy the value of the trading partner field (COEP-VBUND) of the sender object items to the trading partner field (COEP-VBUND) of the receivers object items in the distribution and assessment cycles (KSU5) . We have added the CCS-VBUND Trading Partner field to the T811I table with the inherit field option checked. The field has been added in the loop as a sender and as a receiver but in the CO items is not copied. How should the trading partner field be configured so that it goes from the source games to the receiver's items?

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Hi Raquel, were you able to solve this?

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Hi Federico,

No, I was not able to solve this problem of including the trading partner (COEP-VBUND) in the distribution or assessment cycles. We had to work around this problem by doing manual distributions.

Best regards

Raquel Cervigón


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Were you able to make this work? We have a similar issue, but it is not working for us either. Thank you