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Trading partner removel and its effects

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My client has this scenario they want to see if they remove trading parner from the config what will be the effect of that, so i have these questions. I will appriciate if some one can guide me on this.

1 If we remove trading partner what will be the effect on standard intercompany postings, intercompany clearing, logistics posting.

2 Need a background of why trading partner is used. How trading partner is used in consolidation.

3 If trading partner is removed how we are going to clear the older invoices, effect on open items, purchase order, sales order.

4 If trading partner is removed what will be the effect on reporting, impact on payment processing.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1) Such transactions will no longer be identfiable as intercompany.

2) In a consolidation, all legal entities are treated as a single entity.(simple explanation) Hence any sales/purchases have to be eliminated which are between the entities involved

3) Old invoices can be cleared, the document types will have to permit mixed Trading partners in the document (Blank+ what was in the old document)

4) PAyment processing - no effect.

Reporting - Reconciling and identifying intercompany transaction will no longer be possible via SAP. This would have to be done outside of the system.

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