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Trading Excise Scenario SAP B1

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Dear All,

Has anyone configured trading excise scenario in SAP B1? Kindly provide your inputs on the subject. SAP B1 does not have any transactions/reports to address the scenario.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Could you give us more details about your senario? Or else we cannot give you any useful suggestion.

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As per the Excise Norms organisation which is trading excise commodities needs to maintain RG23D register. This register contains the details of the Excise Materials purchaseed and the sales made against these purchases. RG23 D register contains the details such as the supplier's name, invoice number, invoice date, excise duty paid on purchases etc.

On making the sales all these details pertaining to the purchases need to be printed on the Excise Invoice. RG23D contains these details.

I hope I have made myself clear. kindly revert for clarifications, if any.



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SAP 2005B Indian Localisation has provisions for maintaining Excise Information.

You can mark Items as excisable, set the excise chapter Id etc., in item master.

You also have provisions for Outgoing Excise Invoice and Incoming Excise Invoice.

You can install XL Reporter Addon which has the following report templates related to excise

RG23A Part1






Please go through the document for SAP B1 2005B Indian Localisation in SAP Portal

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hi ,

dear you mean when an manufacturing company uses excise invoice but it is not liable to trader and trader passes the same excise to his customer.

Pls confirm this is the scenario you are looking for ?

Ashish Gupte

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Please find Message Number : 615000 regarding First Stage Dealer Invoice.

The Message and reply from SAP is paster here:

Calculation of Tax:

While making A/R Invoice, Excise duty is calculated on the Assessable value of the material. i.e. Sale value of the material. This mode of calculation is suitable for a manufacturing concern.

For a Trading concern, who is merely selling excisable items, he can collect the excise duty paid on inputs. For this purpose, Excise duty should be calculated on the purchase cost of the material rather than the sale value of the material.

Also, while making the A/R Invoice, the information related to the Purchaser details should also be provided.


Material X of 100 quantities was purchased from Mr. Supplier, for Rs.1163.20 which includes a Excise duty of Rs.163.20 @ 16%.


Qty: 100 No.s

Price: Rs.10

Excise duty: (100No.s x Rs.10 x 16.32%) = 163.20

Total Value: 1163.20

VAT @ 4% = 46.528

Total Transaction value = 1209.728

When I am selling 50 quantity of this material, I should make invoice like this.

Quantity: 50 No.s

Price : Rs.17 -

> Selling Price.

Total (Without Tax): Rs.850.

Excise duty Recovery:( Rs.50 No.s X Rs.10 X 16.32%) = Rs.81.60

Total including Excise duty = 931.60

VAT @ 4 % = 37.264

Total Sale value = 968.864

Hence, Calculation of Excise duty should not be on Sale value. Since, this is a recovery only, Excise duty should be calculated on the related purchases value and details regarding the purchaser should also be provided.

Please suggest us how this is possible in SAP.

The reply from SAP Support is;


Request you to test the following workaround

1) Create two Tax Codes

a) BED + VAT Mfg

b) BED + VAT Trading

2) Farmula for BED + VAT Mfg

BED_BaseAmt = Price*Qty


3) Farmula for BED + VAT Trading

BED_BaseAmt = AssessableValue*Qty


4) In the item master data populate the field assessable value with the

price used to calculate excise duty at the time of purchase.

5) Use the tax code BED + VAT Trading at the time of trading.

Request you to test the above workaround at your end and consult it with

the accountant of the customer before implementing it.

If the above workaround resolves the reported issue,please confirm the

message otherwise do not hesitate to contact us.


Rupesh Tewari

Support Consultant

SAP Business One

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Thanks Guys for your support. However, what I am looking is not the calculation of tax but passing the details of purchasing to Sales Invoice.

ie.., Name of the supplier, Invoice No. of the Supplier, Invoice Date of the supplier, Total Quantity in the Invoice. etc. These details are to be reflected in the sales invoice.

One of the methods that I have in mind is by using batch management. Is there any other method of handling the scenario? Has anyone configured trading excise scenario for any of their clients?


Ammheya U. Naaik

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As you said, you can do it by adding some UDF's to the Batch Management

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I am also working on similar scenario for excise trading industry.

Please provide me the query for RG23D .

Also can we use serial numbar instead of batch number.



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