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Traders/ dealers Scenario

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Dear gurus,

I am purchasing material from dealer who is purchasing it from a manufacturer.

I am making a PO against dealer and doing migo with capture and post excise invoice option against the same PO. In migo though in more data for excise invoice otion ,on screen miscellaneous ,in ship from I am entering manufacturer as vendor number, in RG23A part I, dealers name appears. I am ticking on MRP too. My client want the name of manufacturer and not the name of dealer in Part I. Part II is ok in my case since excise details of manufacturer appears in part II.

How to do this. I want excise details of manufacturer to be captured in Part I, as my client is getting invoice from manufacturer and not from dealer, even though client is purchasing a material from dealer by making a PO against dealer at MRP ang paying ful amount to dealer.

Please Guide me.

Thanx in advance.



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Answers (3)

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Do in this way and reply if it works i have chacked it is working

If I am not wrong ur changing ED values in MIGO.

If it is so then did u flag MRP indicator while doing migo.

Try in this way

1. Po same u have

2. migo with ur new values in excise tab (check all values properly (basic and ed)

3. post j1iex check values according to migo document

4.Then go to miro and change amount as basic value and check document simulation according to your values .

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Dear Keshub,

I am checking Flag on MRP in MIGO .

Values is not an issue.

Issue is ,in Part I, Dealers name is appearing in Part I, even thouh in Misc tab , I am entering manufacturer as excise person in Migo against a PO .

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In such scenarios Part1 will be captured only in the name of the vendor from which you are purchasing

However in Part2 we never capture any vendor name we only capture ECC Range and ECC registration number.

So as per govt. rules also you will never capture Part1 in the name of manufacturer it should be dealer only and Part2 details should be of the person who is providing excise invoice i.e. manufacturer

Hopw this will help you



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Hi nitin,

I think, ur trader should include ed portion in his invoice, if your company has to avail credit on excise amount.

But, if ur trader is giving documentarty prrof for ed from manufacgturer, your company will be paying to trader and not manufacturer. For this reason u can not show manufacturer name in ur GR or E.I.

I think if u clarify these things to ur client they may accept.

If ur client still insist for this, you may use partner function in V.M and configure manufacturer as a G.S. But in this caseI.P should be trader again and payment should go to trader

hope this clarifies yur queries

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Hi, thanx for your reply.

Trader is giving documentary proof of excise docs of the manufacturer, thats why clint want manufacturers name in part 1 even though client is paying to dealer.

Please guide me.