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Tool Room scenerio in PM

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Dear Experts,

We have a requirement that in tool room, there is Die manufacturing or doing modification.

User wants to capture different different activities through PM order - labor cost, material cost and external activities.

One die and its parts will processed through different no. of machines. How to capture different activities on different machines for one die through PM.

Kindly suggest.

Best regards,


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Hi Tushar,

Your requirement can be met by using single order type say PM01 (unplanned order).

Use two different PM Maint activity type as Die Manufacturing or Modificatin activitiy (you can specify this is customisation)

Create work center by name say tool room.

Say there are three machines in your tool room and per hr cost for each machine is different, create three different activity types and maintain different costs for these activity type. CO consultant will help you in doing this.

Now after carrying out activity, carry out confirmation for each order against three different activity types. after confirming, Labour cost gets captured in order.

Create material reservations and get material issued for the order. Material cost gets captured.

While carrying out service entry mention this order no. as account assignment and services cost gets captured in order.

You may need to further fine tune this solution as per the client requirements.


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Thanks Talanki

for the reply. This may helpful answer. Shall we maintain die as a equipment and create an order for that die?



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You can create die as equipment or you can create tool room as functional location and create order as per your convenience and the way you want to monitor.