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Tolerance Key LD: Blanket purchase order time limit exceeded

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Hi All,

Can anybody tell me how the Invoice Block Tolerance Key <b>LD: Blanket purchase order time limit exceeded</b> works.

As per my understanding, we need to maintain no days in the Tolreance Key LD , so that it checks for the Contract Validity & the Invoice Date with the tolerance limit days & block the invoice if it exceeds.

But, it's asking for the value in the LD tolerance limit setting !!! Hope it should be no of days !!! Kindly let me know.

Also let me know if you can explain me the settings & steps to run this scenario.



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Answers (1)

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Can you answer Nanda's question? I haven't really used this LD tolerance previously. I tried this on my sandbox system and can see the cause for his confusion although I am unable to explain it.


H Narayan