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Toggle between multiple purchase order

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I am working on purchase order(PO).

I have performed some manipulations on the user defined field on this PO.

User defined should be opened for performaing calculations.

The problem is created when multiple forms are opened without user defined fields.

I am getting the unique id of PO but I can not relate the user defined fields form with the PO if multiple forms are opened.

scienerio is that

i have opened Purchase order form (unique ID F61)

again i opened purchase order form (unique ID F62)

Now i have opened UDF form of Purchase Order F61, (unique ID for UDForms is F63)

Now my active form is F61,

then tell me how can i find out wheather User Defined Form of PO F61 is opened or not?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Dilip,

Since version 8.8 there's been a property of the UI API Form object called UDFFormUID. This property will return the unique ID of the UDF form linked to the instance of the system form you are using. If this property is empty then it means that the UDF form is not open (in which case you can activate menu 6913 to open it and then use the UDFFormUID property to get the unique ID).

Kind Regards,


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Hi Owen

I am using SAP Business One 2005 B (7.40.253)  SP: 00  PL: 50.

and to get UD Form for Active Purchase Order, the following code is used

{code}  'check Udf is open or not

For intI As Integer = 0 To SBO_Application.Forms.Count - 1

If SBO_Application.Forms.Item(intI).Type = (-1 * SBO_Application.Forms.ActiveForm.Type) _And SBO_Application.Forms.Item(intI).TypeCount = BO_Application.Forms.ActiveForm.TypeCount  Then 

blnIsOpen = True

Exit For

End If

Next {code}

But i didn't get right UD Form,  whenever more then one Purchase order form are opened with any

one corrosponding UDForm is closed

What will be the solution for this problem

Kind Regards


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Hi for SAP 2005 you can use this trick

1. Add one textfield for each udf on main form and link it to corresponding UDF. After this set values in those textfields only. When user enters any value in this text boxes they will be saved to corresponding UDF. So you dont have to check if UDF form is open or not you can directly do it from main form.

Hope this Helps,


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