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To wrap the text in smartforms.

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I am working in smartforms, there is requirement for the Purchase order to include a vendor text.

Right now i am using a text element . If the text entered is longer the the text element then the rest of the lines are not visible.

So they was to wrap the text for example if the text is longer the text element then the text element should become like a combo box( in Visual Basic).

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probably the info in the below link would help you out..try out..




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Use create <b>new paragarph</b> and set it <b>output len</b>gth as per ur requirement. And then use same paragaph for displaying

content. if u use above method text will not wrap.

Creating Paragraph Formats

Left/right delimiter

Enter the character string that you want to be displayed before the actual number in the

outline paragraph (for example, parentheses).

Output length

If you use Arabic numbers for the List, you can enter the length of a paragraph number.

Position of the numerand

Distance between the paragraph number and the left margin of the form window. This

distance is set independently from the current setting of the left paragraph margin or the

indent of the first line.

Character format of numerand

Enter a format for the paragraph number if you want it to differ from the current paragraph

format (for example, if you want to display the number bold or italic or in a different size).

Chaining outline numbers

Activate or deactivate outline number chaining. If you activate number chaining, the number

of the current paragraph is preceded by the numbers of the predecessor paragraphs in the

hierarchy. If you deactivate number chaining, each paragraph has only its own number.

1.In change mode of the Smart Style, select the node Paragraph format and choose Create.

2. In the Paragraph format field enter a two-character paragraph key.

3. Select the desired attributes on the individual tabs.

4. Choose Activate.



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you can set the length of the text element in the smartform.

You can set the style of teh particular text in the "OUTPUT OPTIONS" of the text element.

Create a new style for that particular text element as per your requirement and set there.I hope this will solve your problem.


Mrutyunjaya Tripathy

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I guess you are trying to display something like a LONG text. If that is the case, DO NOT use TEXT ELEMENT type. Use the Inlcude TEXT option. This will ask the parameters like Text Name, Text Object and Text ID.

You should get the PO text if you go to the text editor -- > go to --> Header.

Also, make sure that this object is in the MAIN PAGE, so that it automatically flows to the next page if it goes beyond a page. Word wrap will be automaticall taken care of here.

If this doesn't solve, please explain in detail.



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