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to use production line in rate routing

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i have created all the work centers that want to enter in the rate routing as processing stations.At least one work center must be available to represent the production line.

here how to create production line to represent the production line ie is there any method to assign these work centers

and how to use this in creating rate routing

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Answers (2)

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Using transaction CR01, create a Production Line(Workcenter with category -0007). Assign this Workcenter(Production Line) to your Rate Routing(CA21) and you can also assign this prodution line to the Production version in transaction C223.



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Dear Himakar,

You can assign the work center as a production line in the production version either in C223 or else in

MM02-->MRP4 view under prod.version.

Production line for repetitive manufacturing

The production line describes the capacities of repetitive manufacturing and can be represented in the

system either by an individual work center or by a line hierarchy.

You enter the production line in the production version.


The production line is required for capacity planning and for making your selections in the initial screen

of the planning table.


Define the production line in the production version:

If you have created a work center instead of a production line, enter the number of of the work center.

If you have maintained a line hierarchy, enter the number of the line hierarchy.


The production line you enter in the production version must also be used in the routing if you want to plan capacities.

The line hierarchy provides you with the possibility of splitting the production line into individual elements, such as processing stations. This means you can control material provision to the individual processing stations or you can plan capacity for one particular bottleneck station in detail. You achieve this situation by creating a work center for the production line and for each individual processing station and you also have to maintain a line hierarchy. In the line hierarchy, you must also define one of the work centers as the scheduling work center. The system uses the scheduling work center for scheduling and capacity planning. Therefore, it also has to be used in the routing.