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TO for delivery

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Hello all,

i tried creating a transfer order with outbound delivery using t-code LT03 but the transfer order for delivery screen gets me a special stock u201CEu201D. Hence I have to find a bin with a special stock u201CEu201D. Is it the usual process of getting the special stock when the transfer order is created with a delivery or is there any other way to create a transfer order for delivery. Pl. advise.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Special stock 'E' is Sales order stock which means that you have stock that is allocated to a specific sales order. As long as that stock exists and your picking strategies are correct the TO should pick the stock automatically. It has nothing to do with the bins it is the status of the stock.

I hope that this helps

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Please check the strategy group (MM03 > MRP3) of your product. I guess it will show a strategy of MTO(make to order).

If you use MTO strategy the goods will belong directly to the SOs in special stock 'E" (each SO has its own stock in special stock 'E"). That may be the cause of your 'problem'.

Please check your stock in MB52 as well. You cannot book via LT03 every stock of 'E' type. You can book only the stock that belong to your SO.

I hope I'm not mistaken...