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To default form name in RPTEDT00

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Hello Gurus,

Is there any way to maintain customized time statement form as default in RPTEDT00 . Currently it displays TF00.

Options below are ruled out.

1. Saving changes via variant

2. Creating Z program for RPTEDT00 and call with the saved variant

Please help.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Namra,

have you checked feature LLREP? I believe there is a branch for TEDT. It would still involve a variant, but that variant can be creates centrally and then picked automatically, so, if that is no option, you may get better answers by explaining the context and why variants don' work, even if they don't need to be selected by the user.

otherwise, it would need to be a small implicit enhancement or modification as common for RPTIME00

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There is no such pgm as RPTEDT00.  RPCEDTx0 is where x is for the country code is for payslip print for forms created with PE51 txn.

To run payroll using a pay slip form, go to SA38 and enter the pgm name RPCEDTx0, press execute.

Change the form name and save it as a display variant.  Use this variant for payroll run and payslip display. 

For payroll sim and live payroll, the standard procedure is to create variants for these transactions.

You can create these variants, save it in a transport for the relevant programs and move the transport to QA & Prod.

Or create the variants in all the systems/clients.

This will assist users and consultants to simulate payroll.

No one creates a z-pgm for such purpose and it is a waste of effort & time.

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time eval

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Hello Jagan,

Its the time statement form.