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To assign master data fields of Asset and Equipment

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Hi Expert,

I want to assign master fields of Asset and Equipment for synchronization master data. However, when i create new entry and try to save, system will prompt error of 'Consistency check for TAAPM2 resulted error'.

Appreciate your assistance on how to assign master fields in this configuration.

Thank you.

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Answers (2)

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All the setting had been done.

i want to assign new fields for automatic creation of Equipment Master Data and had develop the project management of SAP Enchancements (tcode CMOD) in order to define our own fields assignment in asset accounting and plant maintenance for synchronized creation and changing of master data.

However during the activation, warning was occurred as below:

- Enhancement category for table missing

- Enhancement category for include or subtype missing

- Field SERNR does not lie within customer namespace

- Field ZADDR1 does not lie within customer namespace

- Field ZADDR2 does not lie within customer namespace

Do you have any ideas how to fix it?

Kindly please assist.

Thank you.

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Please make sure that following settings have been done in SPRO

SPRO...Financial Accounting...Asset Accounting,,,,Master ...Automatic creation of master records....Specify conditions for syncronisation of master data---

Here you have to choose specific asset classes, double click on it.

There choose Direct syncronisation of after saving from the drop down to all the 4, like AS01, AS02, IE01, and IE02.

In OIEN create number range seriesfor equipment, which is used for your asset class number series.

Please refer to the link given as well