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i have done an enhancement in TM, that is added nwe activity type(TP) . remaining config. r in ABAP.

vat r the T-code in TM for checking travel req. creation,approve, exp. ,report et.

also, how i will get report based on activity type(TP) selection by d user? that is domestic trav, intl. travel etc

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I'm not entirely sure what exactly the question is in relation to the 1st part you mentioned maybe here but certainly in relation to reports, For travel management there exist several reports on which you can use: For example see the main reports below:

Reports are based on the logical database.

S_AHR_61016401 - General Trip Data/Trip Totals

S_AHR_61016402 - Trip Receipts

S_AHR_61016403 - Trip receipts without general trip data

S_AHR_61016405 - General Trip Data/Totals/Receipts/Cost Assignment

Furthermore, in menu "PTRV_QUERY - Tools" you can create your own query which may fit the purpose

Hope its of help to you.


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