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TK12 Export to Excel

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Hi experts,

We have implemented the notes 1912149, 1919097 and 1843070 to use use condition maintenance for freight rates (transaction TK12) to load freight rates for scale-related one- and two-dimensional condition types from an Excel file to the ERP system.

After these SAP Notes, I can export to excel, but the columns are not correct.

For example:

There are the columns Minimun and Maximun, but while I export it to Excel, they are in rows. I have attached the picture.

Has someone implemented it?

Thanks and Kind Regards,


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Hi Angela,

Did you try to manually move the 'minimum' and 'max' data into the columns in the excel file and see if it works when you upload it back into tk12?

If it does, then you can point the issue to the download. If it doesn't then something to do with the way the transaction is reading the rows/column information.

Try and see how it goes.



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Hi Poorna,

Thank you for your answer.

Yes, I tried, but the error message is displayed.


Condition type XXXX unequal to condition type  from upload.



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Ok, did you check whether both condition types - the one in excel file vs the target cond type in the TK12 are equal.

if both are same, this issue shouldn't arise. but if they are same then it seems to be formatting issue between excel and TK12, somewhere there's a data matching issue...try checking and re-upload again.

also - is this the first time you are doing the download from tk12 or did it work well before?