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Time Zone Issues

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Hi All,

How do we deal with the Time differences of the system and the actual end user for a scenario where the Server is located ..lets say in India and the End user is in China?

Whenever the End user creates a Notification or a Work Order in China, the Dates and Times are the system time and not the local time of the user. Also while Technically completing the Notifications and Work Orders, the system proposes the system time and not the local time.

I know that these proposed dates and times can be controlled by configuration in SPRO, but that doesnt help as the system always takes the system time if the completion date and time are in future(As the case is in China). Moreover we do not want to make changes to the Notification or WO types as these are being used by users in India as well.

I also know that a Personal time zone can be set in the User Profile of the user, but that is reflected only on some fields like notification creation and required start date/time and is not reflected in Notification completion and Work Orders completion.

If anybody has faced similar Time Zone Issues and resolved them by some way, pls share the solution OR suggest some solution by way of which we can resolve this issue.



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[SAP Help|]


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Hi ,

In ECC 6.0 Enhacement Pack 4 Time Zone Support is given , you need to activate business function LOG_EAM_TZS_1for get functionality..the business function can be activate using SFW5 Tcode..



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Hi Pushpa,

Is it applicable for ECC6.0 EP3 too??

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No, As Pushpa indicated, this functionality is only available from EHP4 of ECC 6.0