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Hello All

We have number in time evaluation fort time wage types and that is available in ZL (XT00)

We want to multiply the number and WT-700 Amount (Basic Pay IT)

Please let me know how to pick.

Also please let me know whether can we use Time wage type in -ve Time management?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Are you sure w/t 0700 contains the rate in the amt field?  Any way, if you want to valuate the current time w/t using the amt in w/t 0700, follwing line can be used, provided (a)you have already checked the w/t or (b) the pcr's ESG/W/T is for this w/t.

   AMT=  0700                 (note there are 2 blanks after "AMT=")


   ADDWT *


Time evaluation (txn PT60 with -ve or +ve time mgt):

A w/t is known as a time w/t if it is generated here.  Any w/t can be generated here, using (a)T510S and function GWT or (b)with ADDZL op'n in a PCR (usually based on eligibility rules).  The pcr may be called with PTIP, RTIP, ACTIO, etc.

Function PZL processes the ZL table w/t entries with a PCR.  If the processing of a w/t does not end with ADDZL, then the w/t is dropped from ZL.


Sub-schema XT00: 

function XLIT: It imports Time w/t's to payroll into the table IT. .

PCR X015:  This is used normally to valuate time w/t's.  By this time, the val.bases would have been already created in pcr X010 & then the hourly rate calculated in pcr X013.

It is possible that a time w/t is valuated in a different standard or customized PCR depending on the business needs/rules.

PCR X020: Adds/cumulates time w/t's to RT & CRT based on a w/t's proc cl 03.

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