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Time: Weekly off to be considered as LWP if falls within LWP days

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Dear Friends,

The scenario is : if a weekly off falls withing consecutive LWP Days, that has to be considered as LWP.

Here Sunday is weekly off and is paid.

Now e.g An employee takes LWP from Saturday to Monday, then system should Consider 3 days as Absent days. But in my case its considering 2 days.

Would really appreciate your help.



Edited by: Srikanta on Nov 19, 2008 11:02 PM

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Hi Shri Kanta.

This you can do in absence counting in IMG.

You have to define conditions for counting absences...........

You can check the condition for the current day all the week days Monday to Sunday.

If still not counting please let me know

Warm REgards,

Kapil Kaushal

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Hi Kapil,

Thanks for your reply. I have got this configured, Not sure, but I think am doing dome mistake in Counting rule.

My settings in counting rule is as below:

a.Weekday : Monday - to Sunday : all ticked.

b.Holiday class : first 2 Ticked.

c.Day type : First 2 Ticked

d. Condition for work schedule

- Counting class for Periodic work schedule : all ticked.

- Daily work schedule class - All ticked.

e. Condition for planned hours - all ticked.

f. Condition for Absence/ Attendance : All ticked.

Rest as standard.

OR is there anywhere else I need to check ?



Edited by: Srikanta on Nov 20, 2008 12:08 AM

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if its still not picking up sunday for an off/unpaid day, try checking in SPRO->Time Mngt -> Day types -> Define selection rules.

in that check for 'Sunday' for the rule you are using.

check if '1' is shown under public holiday class 2.

if its not maintained, maintain it. it should then process the public holiday as off/unpaid.

this is the answer i could think off. if some one has a better one or a more appropriate one kindly suggest.