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Time stamp in MRP list after MRP Run

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Hi Gurus

After running a MD01-MRP at scope of planning level, with processing key as NETCH, materials which had no planning file entry also were updated with the latest executed MRP run time stamp in MRP List MD05.

Is it the standard behaviour? As per my understanding, the materials with no planning file relevant change is not included in the MRP run with processing key NETCH/NETPL. Then how does the time stamp be relevant for the latest MRP run while the material was never included in the mrp itself?


Deepak Prasanna S

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Check if planning file entry MDRE ran before executing MD01 in background.

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Hi Santosh

Thanks for the reply. But there was no MDRE run before the MRP execution.

If a material is not selected for MRP in the Scope of planning run, even then will the time stamp be updated?



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Dear Deepak,

If my understanding is correct only if a mterial is included in the last MRP run(MD01/MDBT) then the time stamp gets included in the

MRP list which can be checked and confirmed through MD05 and also the output of last MRP run.

Once after the MRP run is completed the system deletes the corresponding planning file entries in the system.

On completion of the planning run, the appropriate indicator is automatically deleted in the planning file:

The system deletes the net change planning indicator and the net change planning horizon indicator for a regenerative planning

run and a net change planning run.

The system only deletes the net change planning horizon indicator for a net change planning run in the planning horizon.

Check and revert back.