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Time out installation Add-on & AddOnInstaller in VB6

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Hello all:

I have developed my first add-on for SBO with SDK 6.7 and VBasic 6 and now I am lost.

I have built a setup program for the add-on I developed. I have my .ard file and I registered my add-on correctly. When I start SBO, my add-on starts a success installation. When the add-on finish the installation appears the clock icon and after that appears the next error in SBO: "Time out installation Add-on".

In the Add-on Administration, my add-on appears like "Active" but is not true because doesn't work.

I don't know what's the problem. I read some message in the forum about AddOnInstallAPI.dll, the EndInstall function, etc.

My setup program don't call EndInstall function

Is necessary use the AddOnInstaller like 14.AddOnInstaller to call the EndInstall function?

How can I do this in VBasic 6?

Help please, I'm lost

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Are you success after modification? Would you

mind to send me a reference code? I play around without success..

What's different between sld and ard?

Which one should I use?



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Product and Topic Expert
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In order to be guided how to create the installation exe you can use the B1 Development Environment tools. Your installer will be then automatically created and you can have a look to the different process/files needed. You can download this tools from the B1 page in SDN.

.ard files are created with the AddOnRegDataGen tool provided with SDK in the tools directory. This file contains the information needed by B1 to register your addon.

Hope it helps


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Carlos,

Yes, you do need to call the EndInstall function from the AddOnInstallAPI.dll. If you don't then your addon will not be properly registered in SBO.

Paste the following code into the declarations of your VB6 installer:

'EndInstall - Signals SBO that the installation is complete.

Declare Function EndInstall Lib "AddOnInstallAPI.dll" () As Integer

then, call the EndInstall() function at the end of your installation routine.

Hope this helps,