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I have created an 'Employee Selection ID' as below:

The tables selected are:

The first one looks at the employment status field in IT0000, 3 means active:

The second one look at the ESG field in IT0001:

I have assigned the ID to the profile so it is available for selection in PTMW. When I start PTMW and select 'Contact Centre' it brings up all active employees with an ESG of CC for the selected day which is great!!

However, once I then select a period where an employee isn't active, or has changed their ESG, then refresh the employee list, they still appear!! It also works the other way, if I select a period where somebody is active, then move to a period when they aren't, they still appear!!

I have created numerous Employee Selection ID's which look at varying fields and I am having the same problem on every single one of them. Can anybody shed any light?


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Answers (2)

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Thanks for your input John. Yes I have configured the date settings accordingly however that isn't the issue.

It seems that once an employee meets the criteria and I refresh the employee list, it works correctly. Once they appear on the list due to meeting the selection criteria they stay on the list eternally even if they fail to meet the selection criteria in the future.

For example, employee A is hired on 01.02.2018. They don't appear on the employee selection list until that date as I have configured it to look at active employment status only. Employee A subsequently leaves on 01.03.2018, if I go to that date in PTMW and refresh the employee list, they still appear. It doesn't seem to have the functionality to drop employees that no longer fit the employment selection criteria.

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It's been many years since I did battle with TMW, but have you played with the date settings in the profile?

Specifically the "Selection criteria relative to initial period" settings.

Here is the field help...

Relative Position for Employee Selection Period

The system determines the employee selection period based on your entries, either:

  • From the start date of the initial period into the past
  • From the end date of the initial period into the future


If you make no entries here, the system selects the employee list for the period specified as the Initial period. If you want the selection period for employee selection to be longer than the initial period, you must enter applicable dates.
If the Initial period is very brief, for example, it is recommended that you set a different employee selection period.


You choose the current week as the initial period. In this case, the time administrator would only see the employees assigned to him or her for that specific week in the Time Manager's Workplace. If an employee was also assigned to that time administrator for the previous week, but has since changed to a different area in the current week, the time administrator would not see his or her name in the employee list in the Time Manager's Workplace. However, the time administrator can use the calendar to change the period displayed. If the time administrator then wants to see the current employee list for this new period, he or she must refresh employee selection.

If you want to increase the initial period a day at a time, enter the number of days more than the initial period for the employee selection period.

If you want to increase the initial period by a week or month, carry out the following steps:

If you enter 1 week, the system extends the initial period up to and including the start of the week or weekend. If the initial date is on the start of the week or weekend, the system extends the initial period to include an additional week into the past or future. In other words, the initial period extends in both directions up to one week.
The same occurs by entering 1 month.

If you want to extend the initial period to include a week before the current week, you must enter 2 weeks. If the current date is on the start of the week, then the period is extended two weeks, otherwise it is extended up to two weeks.
The same occurs by entering 2 months.

You set the day on which the week starts in the Week beginning field.


You specifed that the Time Manager's Workplace is always accessed with an initial period of three days prior and three days after the current week. Howevever, you want your time administrators to be able to see information on what employees are to be assigned to them in the future. To do so, 2 months in the Relative position to end date field.


The system displays the information message Employee list not current if a time administrator chooses a period in the calendar that does not cover the employee selection period. The time administrator can refresh his or her employee lists, to see the current list of employees for the new period.