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Time Management

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Hi SAP Guru's

I have a basic doubt in work schedule. I have received a request from a client to create a workschedule i have created it .

Planned hours will be : 9:20 to 15:40

Unpaid break : 12.30 to 13.10, unpaid given as 0,67

when i give planned working hours as 5,40

in planned working time comes as 09:20 to 15:24,

My question is here end time should come as 15:40,

Depend upon planned working hours , planned working time gets adjusted automatically, why is it so. it shows wrong numbers ??

But client requesting everything in a correct way. Why its happening like that.

what actually happens in reality, can anyone explain please?//??



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sriram,

the planned Working hrs would be sum of working times (09:20 --- 15:40) and Break time ( 40min which is 0.66 of hour).

So, 5.40 + 40min == 6hr 20min would be your planned working hrs.

You are not supposed to give planned working hrs as 5.40 hrs as the breaks will be included in this planned working hrs.

So, you should enter planned working hours as 6.20hrs ( this includes the Break hrs)

Hope this helps...


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