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Time Evaluation Error - No Entry In Key...

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Hello All,

Please help with this error. The employee was hired as a summer employee with no quota benefits. He was accidentally given quota buckets and quotas were accumulated. Once discovered, we performed a quota correction to remove the quota which left the quota at a negative value. The employee was terminated, then hired back as a part-time employee with quotas. Once re-hired, time evaluation rejects his personnel number with the following error:

"No entry in table T001P for key

Person rejected: 00000017".

We have removed his quota buckets, replaced them, performed quota corrections and ran time evaluation with various forced evaluation dates with no success. I did look at the report RPUP1D00, however, I am not sure what exactly this will delete. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Did you go and check in that table (T001P) for an entry?

When you terminated the employee did you delimit his/her IT's or deleted those?

When you hired his/her back, what quotas are you trying to give?

Let me know.

Reward points if helpful.

Thank You,

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Yes I checked T001P for all gruoping. Also there many person in the same personal area and sub area. Employee's status in infotype 0 is active. And there is no record hired back.