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Tickets handlying softwares

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Hi, Wht are the different applications available in handlying tickets in SAP. Pls mention abt RADIX, SOLEMN applications, wht are they and thier functions?

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Dear Yadav,

Check this,

Issues can be handled either through an Excle sheet or by mail correspondance or using Solution


Once the particular user is posting the issue as a short message from the production client,this comes

to the Project's Manager and further he alots to the respective Module consultants and can be worked


Various status's are present for each issue,like in processing,completed and completed and confirmed

and not assigned.

DNOTIFWL is a T Code used in Solution maneger for this purpose.

I hope you would have got some idea regarding this.

Also please reply to your previous thread regarding the issue after Go-Live,If you are satisfied means

please allocate points and close the thread as answered.