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Third party

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Hi Experts,

Anybody can tell me, In third party process vendor directly send the items to customer but how we can know whether customer physically received items or not?


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Third Party with Shipping Notification

Process Steps are as under:

Sales order (VA01)

Purchase Order (ME21N)

Goods Receipt (MIGO)

Invoice Verification (MIRO)

SD Invoicing (VF01)

check this link for clear info

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Dear Abhi,

You can always automatically issue the Output to the customer for the Thired Party Order with the instruction of "Delivery Confirmation Required " as this is Third Party Order with this Text.

Sameway you can edit the same text in the PO for Vendor to confirm you about the customer delivery..

I believe this is the way you can confirm the Customer Delivery Qty. at your end.

I hope this will help you..



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Hi Abhi,

In third party sales process ,

we create sales order(VA01) with the customer and the item category determined is TAS in which billing relevance is F (order related billing doc. status according to invoice quantity).

we create Purchase order (PO) by ME21N with the Purchase requisition(PR) number from sales order.

when vendor delivers the goods to the customer address and sends bill and prrof of delivery for the same to the company, we (the company in SAP) do MIGO and MIRO to the respective quantity.

we do billing to the customer VF01 , here sales order is given reference and the vendor delivered quantity is billed.

unless the goods are delivered to the customer by vendor , MIGO and MIRO will not be done, and copy control ( T. code VTFA) between OR to F2 at item TAS level copying requirement 12 checks the same and will not allow to do billing.

this copying requirement 12 checks weather the MIGO and MIRO is done for the goods for which we are trying to bill to customer by VF01. i.e., system is knowing the information on weather goods recieved by customer or not from vendor when MIGO and MIRO is done (to the actual quantity recieved by customer).

Hope it cleared now...

Thanks & Regards,


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Dear Abhi ,

As the persion using SAP can only update the delivery confirmation.

So once the material is recived by customer and he confirm by any medium then you update the vender stock is update

Or you can maintain the RFC connection with CRM system for the same