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Third Party + Sub contracting

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we currently want to set up the Third Party + Sub contracting in an ECC 6.0 EHP5 system. The process is as follows:

  1. Sales Order with Item category TADS
  2. PR automatically created based on the sales order
  3. PR to PO which has account assignment X and item category L
  4. Components transfer to Sub contractor ME2ON
  5. Virtual Goods Receipt for Components and Assembly consumption- Mandatory
  6. Customer Billing based on MIGO quantity
  7. Logistics Invoice Verification for Vendor Invoice

It is nearly the same process as described in this Thread: 3261025

Our problem is the same as in the mentioned thread: In the customer billing, the VPRS condition only shows the costs of the sub contracting purchase order but not the material costs of the components.

In the Q&A thread there is an answer from SAP, that this behavior is standard. However for our case this is a big problem, as the component costs are much higher than the actual sub contracting costs. Therefore the statistics are wrong. In the menthoned thread also the SAP Note 2200601 is referred, however this note is currently updated and therefore not available.

Has anyone a solution for this problem?

best regards


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Still trying to find a solution. I wrote a piece of code to take material costs into account during COPA evaluation (KE27). By the way, it's causing a mess with actual costing too.

The note is still "under process"