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Third Party Scenario with Shipping

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Hi Experts,

Need ur Valuable suggestion on this.

I Have 2-Company Codes 1000 and 2000 and we have External Vendor "X"

1) 1000 Comapany Code procures the material from External Vendor "X" on BEHALF-OFF Company Code 2000.

2) 1000 Company Code will have a Certain Margin for the material procured from External vendor on Behalf of 2000 Company Code.

And the invoice will be raised by External Vendor to 1000 Company Code for which the 1000 Company Code will Process. And 1000 Company Code will raise a invoice to 2000 Company Code.

1) How to process the invoice generated by External Vendor to Comapny Code 1000 without actual goods recieved by that company code ?

2) How to process the invoice generated by 1000 Company Code for which the actual Goods recieved supplied by External Vendor ?

How this can be mapped in SAP ? with via " Third Party Shipping "

Best Regards


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Hi javeed ,

It seems you r doing cross-company code sales .And the material will always be purchased by company 1000 ,then it will be sold to your company 2000 with some add-on in profit .And the actual goods receipt will always happen in company 2000,but company 1000 will do the dummy goods receipt and will receive invoice for external vendor.

If that is what you want ,you can use the third party sales process which can be defind in SAP sales and distribution .

You can set up a new sales order type , new item category ,and new schedule line category .In the schedule line category you need to set the 'order type'as NB purchase requisition ,which will later be converted into purchase order for external vendor .

As a matter of fact ,there is a lot of configuration need to be implemented in SD /MM .

Hope this can be some light.

thanks ,

Chen deyi

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U R 100 % Right.

Can u brief me in Detail, What are the Configurations to be carried out in MM and SD ?

How to recieve the Dummy Goods reciept ?

plz provide inputs in detail. and any related Configuration settings.

Best Regards