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Third party sales

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Dear SD Experts..

I am new to it coz m from SAP MM..

My client wants to perform High Sea Sales Scenario in SAP...For that i suggest them to go with Third Party Sales.They agreed and said OK but said first let us kno the accounting,inventory entries after running the cycle in Dev client.

What i did is..I did necessary config setting in VKOA,VOV4,VOV7,VOVA......

Create SOGenerates PR automaticallyThen i did billing(VF01)-PO creationMIGO-MIRO.

This is generating no stock in MMBE,MB5B..The only point is, it is showing material movement in MB51,which client is not satisfied with.

Now please guide me regarding this,is der any way so tht movement will not appear in MB51.

Correct me if i am wrong with the steps..

Warm Regards



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In third party sales,

You create sales order from which PR is created automatically. PO is created wrt PR - sent it to vendor

Vendor delivers material to customer of company's behalf and send invoice to company

Company does PGR with ref to qty invoiced. Here material document is created that shows 101 movement type.

Then fianally comapny bills to customer.

Please note Material doc. will always show Movement type. Without it material document can not be created

My doubt is why you dont want movement type in material document

Hope you will get some idea


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Dear Sagar,

Thanks a ton for your earliest reply..

I kno that Material doc will always have movement with it.

But the point is its a client's requirement...I explained them the scenario..

So i thot its better to ask forum regarding the same.



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If possible explain them that Movement Type is the reason for creation of Material Document.

I dont think movement type can be removed from the material document.


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