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Third party sales with subcontracting

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Dear expert,

I would know if there is a solution in order to cover this process:

  1. Customer X place a Purchase Order in Company A (in Germany, 'my' company)
  2. Sales Order is created by Company to Customer X (for third party business, because the goods will be produced in Spain)
  3. After the production in Spain the goods has to be delivered from the producer S (Spain) to a subcontracter G (German) for additional manufactoring step.
  4. After this additional manufactoring step, the goods have to be delivered from G to the final customer X.

It seems the standard Third Party process but the difference is that I have an additional step and an additional actor (point 3), let's call it "Fourth Party" process.

Please, let me know how could I put in place this process in SAP, my customer is already using Third party process (SO item cat. TAS) and subcontracting (PO item cat. L), but never combined and I think I have to merge both processes.

Many thanks in advance for your clue, I appreciate is quite urgent!


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Hi Luigi,

An initial thought -

Material P has to be sent to customer X, P is a combination of P1 and P2. P1 made in Spain and P2 made in Germany

Both Spain and Germany are plants for the same BUKRS

In the delivery could you give some sort of BOM for P. Where P1 is picked up from Spain and P2 from Germany. Thereafter goods are delivered to customer X (SH).

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Hi T T

Thanks for your clue but there is a template configuration and I cannot create new plants except of real plants of the company.

I have to handle this flow palyng with documents (SO and PO).