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Third Party order

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What is a third party order. Where it is used.

How it is executed (which T-codes are used)

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Hello Gulshan,

In thrid party sales, goods are directly delivered to customer premises, from vendor with being done goods reciept at your plant

Following is the process flow of 3rd party sales order

1.Create sales order (OR-Order type) with item category as TAS and scheduline category as CS

2. Purchase Requistion will be created in background once the sales order is saved.

3. Purchase order will be created and the delivery address in the purchase order will be customers address.

4. Invoice verification will be done (MIRO) for the goods which are being delivered to customer.

5. Once invoice verification will be done, customer will be billed with reference to sales order related billing .

We cannot do billing unless vendor invoice is cleared.

The main advantage of third party sales is there is oods movement done at warehouse level.

Please refer following SAP Notes for more help in doing customization for third party sales;

550388 Customizing of third-party and individual POs

210455 Confirmation date of TAB / TAS items

549365 scheduling for third-party and individual PO

549583 order confirmation status of 3rd-party & individual PO

549818 billing status for third-party items in sales order

I hope this helps.



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Hi Gulshan,

Third Party (3PL) sales process refers to the process in which customer requirement is partially satisfied through an intermediate channel (third party).

To make the scenario clear let us consider the following example :

1. Customer XYZ requires Amplifiers, Speakers, Mounting Plates etc., as a part of their requirement from major Vendor ABC.

2. Vendor ABC has the capability to supply only Amplifiers and has a tieup with another minor Vendors ACE and NACE for supplying Speakers and Mounting Plates. It ships only Amplifiers directly to customer XYZ.

3. Vendors ACE and NACE directly ship the speakers and Mounting Plates to the Customer XYZ but get their payment from Vendor ABC.

This is one of the scenarios in 3rd party sales.

As far as configurations are concerned, it depends on whether you are using Sales Order process or SD Scheduling Agreement process basically.

Hope this helps in understanding the process.

With Best Regards,


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follow the following steps.

In third-party order processing, your company does not deliver the items requested by a customer. Instead, you pass the order along to a third-party vendor who then ships the goods directly to the customer and bills you. A sales order may consist partly or wholly of third-party items. Occasionally, you may need to let a vendor deliver items you would normally deliver yourself.

Process Flow for 3rd Party Sales

Customize the third party sales in summary:

1. Create Vendor XK01

2. Create Material u2013 Material Type as "Trading Goods". Item category group as "BANS".

3. Assign Item Category TAS to Order type that you are going to use.

4. A sale order is created and when saved a PR is generated at the background.

5. With reference to SO a PO is created (ME21N). The company raises PO to the vendor.

6. Vendor delivers the goods and raises bill to company. MM receives the invoice MIRO.

7. Goods receipt MIGO.

8. Goods issue.

9. The item cat TAS or Schedule line cat CS is not relevant for delivery which is evident from the configuration and, therefore, there is no delivery process attached in the whole process of Third party sales.

10. Billing ....