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The outbound delivery does not appear in the subcontract purchase order history

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Good evening All,

I created a subcontract purchase order. I updated the stock of the subcontract vendor trough the transaction ME2O.

I was then able to create an outbound delivery. But that outbound delivery is not visible in the purchase order history.

Please let me know your thought.

Thank you.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Jean,

There is no link between Purchase order and outbound delivery, stock provided to vendor(Classic ME2O) is not designed to update OBD in purchase order history . Only 101 and 543 are displayed in PO history.

However, if you activate business function LOG_MM_OM_1, then it is possible.

This business function enables you to make your subcontracting processes more transparent and more efficient. An increasing number of companies in all areas of industry shift individual production steps, or the manufacture of a product to subcontractors (service providers). This SAP solution supports all of the essential aspects of your subcontracting process.

A new t code called as subcontracting cockpit ME2ON is used. After activation of this business function, the link between PO and 541 outbound delivery generated from ME2ON can be done.

However, you need to do some settings to achieve this.

Important: Business functions are cross client and this BF is irreversible once activated, you cannot switch back.

Best regards

Shailesh Mishra