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The Link between base and target document is broken when using 'Copy From' function

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Hi all

One of my clients used 'Copy From' function to create GRPO from PO. However, the link between these two document is broken. The user does not have authorization to PO but GRPO only. It is not possible that the user would create a standalone GRPO. Our team have checked that the user did not duplicate any old GRPO.

Our team cannot reproduce the mentioned issue. So we are thinking if it is a system bug? Can we have some SAP notes for reference, please?

Our client is using 8.82 PL 12.

Many thanks for your help.

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Recently, We have faced issue and check in log details access. SAP logs seen into black color and New value is showing blank. GRPO is created using base document purchase order.

Issue in Document / Log details snap : GRPO document

Note: Base ref Number field is not a UDF. It's SAP base field name.

SAP Business One HANA

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Answers (2)

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How your tea, check ? You cannot restrict this by authorization such restrictions are done by stored procedures in SBO Transactions Notification .

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When documents are linked, that link will exist in both directions. In other words, you can browse "forward" from the PO to the GRPO, and you can browse "backwards" from the GRPO to the PO.

Also when you use the Copy to or Copy from functions to fulfill the PO completely, will that PO be closed, and stock movements will be written to the system. So please first check the following:

  • Is the PO closed?
  • If the PO is still open, then you can just return the GRPO, and try the Copy from operation again. In this case I recommend that you visit the customer, or use a remote connection to perform the operation together specifically with the user in question. This way you can rule out user error, problems with the workstation, problems with the client installation, etc.
  • If the PO is closed, is it linked to any document?
  • If the PO is linked to a target document, is that target document, the GRPO in question, or another document?
  • If the PO is closed, and not linked to any target document, please check the Delivered Qty and Open Qty. columns in the PO.
  • If the Delivered Qty column contains values, then a system error is proven, and you should log a support message with SAP support.
  • If the Delivered Qty column does not contain values or only zeros, please check the change log. It should have an entry for it being closed.
  • If according to the log the PO was closed by the user in question, you need to double check that the user performed the operation in the correct way (remember, what a user thinks they did, and what they actually did, is more often than not, not the same).
  • If the user closed the PO by using the Copy from function correctly, and the log for the PO shows that the user closed the PO, and the PO is not linked to a target document, then a system error is likely, and you should log a support message with SAP support.
  • If according to the checks above, you do not find any evidence of a system error, or database corruption, and you cannot replicate the issue on the customer's system, on the workstation the user used, then I would submit that the issue is simple human error or misunderstanding of how the system works.
  • As an accredited SAP Partner support consultant, you should have access to SAP Notes yourself. I recommend that you search for Notes yourself, as it will serve you well in future support cases, and it is not terribly polite to ask others to do your work for you 😉