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the display of the infotype in pa30

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hi experts

as i know, if there are some content recorded in certain infotypes,for example infotype 0014,0015,there is a green mark showed in pa30,but there won't for some other infotype,for example infotype 2001,2002,in standard sap system.

i want to know where and how i can transfer the infotype those the mark don't show when some content are recorded in the infotypes..

i wish i have express my meaning clearly.

thanks in advance .

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I checked, and SAP actually hard-code to exclude the logic to do green check-mark if data exist in infotypes for '2000' infotype series (logic in include MP50AO00, module 'FILL_INFTY_LINE', logic

'CHECK MENUETAB-INFTY01(1) NE '2' ' ) . Not sure why they do that though.


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This is a consequence of note 713327:

"When maintaining HR infotypes for an employee, the green ticks are displayed near the infotype text when one or more records of the given infotype exist for the employee.

For the time management infotypes such green tick are not shown even if the records for the time management infotypes exist. This is not an error and is so foreseen due to the specific relation of the time management infotypes to the time.

If you want the green ticks to be shown for the time management infotypes, please implement the correction instruction attached to this Note."

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To Bjarte Haram

according to your reply , i have read sap note 713327.

the note only tell me to apply the correction instrcution 309335 to my system.

but i have read sap note 309335,i don't think the content in 309335 have any relations with my problem.

plz tell me how to do with the note 713327.

thank you so much!


i have found the correction instruction 309335,but i don't know where to add the content from article 309335..

Edited by: ping wang on Jul 14, 2008 10:27 AM

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Have your system administrator modify MP50AO00.


After line:

clear it_exists.




*begin of note 713327


*end of note 713327

Be sure to document this modification, as it is possible that future support packs/upgrades will overwrite the modification.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi ping,

check the taps in pa30 or pa20./.. or if not please mark your info type with your country groupings

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If there is data recorded for some Infotype, then it will have the green check mark next to it. If there is no green mark, it simply means it is not maintained.

Are you trying to say that the green mark is not displayed for soem infotype even though some data had been recorded? Pls elaborate.


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to Swapna.

yeah.that is exactly what i want to express.

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have u checked the other tabs in PA30

basic personal data ,contract data ETC

even i have the same doubt