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Text Determination

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Hi All,

I want flow the text which is in Customer master record to Sales order, Delivery and billing document.

Please guide me how we have to do the configuration in step by step.

Please treat this as a urgent.

Thanks in advance.



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A text determination procedure allows you to create texts automatically when you create a text object. You can define different text determination procedures for each text object, such as the sales document header or the central texts for customers. The text determination procedure contains all the text types that you maintain for a text object.

Exchanging information among business partners is a key function within the logistics supply chain. Sales and Distribution (SD) supports this in the form of texts in master records and documents. With texts, you can configure the system to meet a customer’s specific requirements. You also can create and link the text to document processing.

Texts in the SD module carry and share information, such as shipping instructions, through master data and transactional data. You can configure the system to propose the text from the master data or within a document and carry it across the supply chain process. The system then can copy the text to subsequent documents, so you don’t need to enter the information again. You also can use the text as an instruction for subsequent processes — for example, a note in the delivery document that specifies pick-up instructions.

For instance, you could record customer instructions for receiving the goods. You also could use texts when you have an agreement that is about to expire and you want to send a note with the document that accompanies the goods you send the customer. Another example would be if your customer would like to receive products in a particular sequence. In this case, you could include this information in the shipping instructions, which would notify the warehouse folks of the request before they ship the product.

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Please follow below Steps:

Text determination is used mainly to refer the text from master data from customer/material during application document processing.

For example if during sales order processing, if you want to know for a particular customer if any requirements he has defined which should displayed/to show as reminder in sales order processing then the following configurations has to be done.

1) T-code VOTXN, for the text object Customer>Sales and distribution>click the Text types-->create your 4 digit Text ID

2) Come back to initial screen of this t-code and again select the text object Customer-->Sales and distribution and click change. Select the text procedure and double click on the Text IDs in text procedure. Here you create a new sequence and select the 4 digit Text ID you have created initially.

3) Assign the Text procedure which you have selected in step2 and double click on Text procedure assignment .Here you assign the Text ID to the Customer Account group.

4) In the customer master, sales area tab>Extras menu>text, Select the text which you have created now and enter text into it and save.

The text which you have created now ,can be used for multiple purpose(Ex. sales order,delivery,billing,pricing,inforecords,legal). For example in this case, You just want to display this text during sales order processing, then proceed as follows,

5)T-code VOTXN ,for the text object Sales document>Header>click the Text types-->create your 4 digit Text ID.

6) Come back to initial screen of this t-code and again select the text object Sales document-->Header and click change. Select the access sequence and create new access sequence(This access sequence is similar to that of in Pricing).Select this access sequence and double click the access sequence for text ids.Here in the first column this is Serial no. second column is text object(This is the area from which text has to be refer. In our case we have created the customer Text object for sales and distribution area, so i.e.KNVV) and the next column is Text id, this is the id which we have created at customer text object for sales and distribution initialy, at step 1). The next column is partner function, it will identify for which partner this text has defined. Next 2columns are Languages (if you want to define for all language or specified language), next column is for specified language for partner function. if you have any requirement to be fulfilled you can create those requirements in the next columns or else leave blank, save and come back to text

7) Select the text procedure (for ex.01-Sales header) and double click on the Text IDs in text procedure. Create new entries Fill in the sequence and the text id which we have created for sales document-header(in step 5).There is a small check box in the 3rd column which is used whether the text should be refered or copied(this is used if you want to modify the text during the sales order processing or just display the originally text as it is),next column is whether the text should be displayed while creating or it is not obligatory, last column is access sequence, this is nothing but the sequence which we have created in step 6) and save.

😎 in the final step assign the text procedure id to the particular sales order.

As already we have created the customer text in the customer master record, so during the processing the sales order, the text should be displayed once the customer number is keyed in.

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