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Test case

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I want to make Test Cases / Test Process of required module Controlling and Finance .. I don't have knowledge of making Test Cases / Test Process..

Plz tell how can i make these Test Cases / Test Process, If anybody have any documents, plz send me...


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As for as my understanding and my experience you can create your Test Case/Test Process as follows..

1. Cyclic Tests Which completes one cycle process like Procurement to Pay. It involves from the Purchase order creation to Final payment, and retention etc. Your test case should start with the Purchasing transaction to the Payment transaction.

Liken, ME21N, ME23N, MIGO, MIRO , F-53 etc...

2. Transaction wise testing , you can test individual testing of each transaction , irrelevant to the process wise, you can test, F-53 without showing the dependency data, like you are using so and so invoice document. You just do testing that this transaction is working fine.

To go with which type of test case you can prepare is purely depend on your project team, and clients requirement.

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