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Terms of payment 45 days, the 20 of each month

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I have a problem to create a new Terms of payment. The needs is the following : date + 45 days but due date the 20 of the month.

For ex :

  • if my invoice is 01/01/2017, so the due date should be 20/02/2017 (01/01 + 45 days = 15/02, so payment le 20/02)
  • if my invoice is 10/01/2017, so the due date should be 20/03/2017 (10/01 + 45 days = 25/02, so payment le 20/03).

If I configure in OBB8 the following information below, it works of my invoice si on 01/01, the due date is 20/02. But if my invoice is 15/01, it doesn't work because my due date is also 20/02 instead of 20/03.

If I use the other configuration below, this is better but this is another need as it will be first 45 day till the end of the month, then the 20.

So if my invoice is 01/01 or 10/01, the due date will 20/03. If the invoice is 20/01, the due date is 20/04.

Can you help me please ?

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Note: You cannot assign both 'No of days' and 'Fixed date' in payment terms at the same time. You have to enter either of them. System will not allow you to save.

Lets understand your requirement first:

1) If Invoice date is 5 or < 5 of any month, the due date is 20th of next month (Current month + 1)

{As per you example, invoice date is 01/01/2017 (<5th of Jan), so the due date should be 20/02/2017 (next month)}

2) If Invoice date is > 5 of any month, due date is 20th of next to next month (current month +2)

{As per you example, invoice date is 10/01/2017 (>5th of Jan), so the due date should be 20/03/2017 (next to next month)}

You actually need to configure 2 different Payment Terms with Same name, one with Day Limit 5 and other with Day Limit 31
(Day Limit determines upto which date of a particular month the payment term is valid.) Check F1 Help in Day Limit for more details.

So finally, you should have following two different payment terms created (Note that their names should be exactly same😞

Pmt Term1:

Valid from: 1st to 5th of any month

Due date: 20th of (Current month+1) (Additional months should have value 1)

Pmt Term 2:

Valid from: 6th -31st of any month (As Pmt Term of DayLimit 5 is defined with same name, system automatically determines lower limit as 6)

Due date: 20th of (Current month+2) (Additional months should have value 2)

Mark the answer as correct if it resolves your query 🙂



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Hi Florent,

Please use field from baseline date calculation fixed day as 20 ,additional months 1 and no.of days 45.



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any idea ?