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If an order can only be one status, either TECO or DLV, which is best for an order to have?

The assumption is that if an order is TECO, that it never has to have the DLV status because TECO accomplishes ALL the same things DLV does.  Is that entirely true?


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Hi, TECO means ending production order from logistics perspective, which means that order should be completed prematurely without fully delivering the planned quantity. With TECO all the pending open requirements(reservations) will be deleted. Delivery status will be TECO and PDLV, and the order will be selected to variance calculation during month end settlement. (target cost will be calculated based on delivered qty) This is same as when order status is DLV which happens automatically when plan quantity is fully delivered.
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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Anthony
TECO & DLV are the two independent statuses of an Order.
Meaning, without DLV also, there is possibility, Order can get TECO status, at the same time, once the Order has DLV, doesn't mean it is updated with TECO Status. (Attached the screen shot below, just for example)
Hope, this is clear. Thanks & Regards: Raja