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Too many basic questions, i would suggest you go through help....make some bare minimum attempt yourself before posting questions.

Any how inputs from help...



The following actions are carried out when the order is technically completed:

- The order is not indicated as relevant to MRP anymore.

- The reservations are deleted.

- The capacity requirements are deleted.

- Purchase requisitions that may exist for externally processed operations or non-stock components are deleted.

- The system status Technically completed (TECO) is set for the order and the operations.

If an order is technically completed, you cannot make any changes to the order. You can only display it. However, if the order data must be changed, the technical completion of the order can be revoked.


The following actions are carried out when the order is closed:

- In contrast to the technical completion, no more costs can be posted to the order. This means no more confirmations or goods movements are allowed for this order.

- You can no longer change the order. You can only display the order data, revoke the Closed (CLSD) status, and set the deletion flag.

- All actions belonging to the status Technically completed (TECO) are carried out.

- The system status Closed (CLSD) is set for the order and the operations. This status (or Technically completed) is a prerequisite for archiving.

- In the collective order, the status Closed (CLSD) is also set for lower-level orders.

- If the system detects an order in the collective order that cannot be closed, the orders along the way to the leading order are not closed either. Other parts of collective orders are closed if they only contain orders that can be closed.



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Dear Mr. Prasobh

Thanks for ur reply, i am asking these question only after going through the HELP

but some times the concept is not clear, as you peple r working in real time scenario so ur answers r very help ful.



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An order is technically completed only if you think that the order processing is completed and there is nothing from the order that is expected. Taking an example - Order1 is processed to completed and the GR is posted 80 out of 100 expected from the order. Now you know that the order is completed and there is no output expected from that, then until unless you TECO the order, during MRP or availability checks the system expects the balance and considers this to be expected stock.

Once you TECO the order the order will not be considered for any calculations, i.e., you will not find it in Stock Requirements list, All the open items like Reservations, Capacities... will be closed once the order is TECO.


Once the order is TECO and all the settlements like Co-Product, Variance settlemetns are completed then the order will be set to Closed.

Until unless all the settlements are done on the order the Order cannot be closed.

All the open items like the Pending Inspection lots, Settlements should be completed before the Order is closed.

Once the order is closed it will not be considered in future Costing runs......

Hope this helps you.