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Team Calendar and Organizational Units layout

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Has anyone come up with a way to display the Team Calendar in such a way where it is organized by org unit instead of alphabetically?

I have a manager who manages 3 different org units (multiple pages), and would like to view the Team Calendar by org unit rather than all 3 org units shown alphabetically....

I'm currently using the MSS_LEA_EE view, but without any success. Since the Team Calendar appears to be a "view only" application without any navigation capabilities, this appears to be the only course of action.


Michael Gibbs

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After some researching and experimenting, here's what I've come up with:

Mgr A manages Org Unit 1, 2, 3

Mgr B manages Org Unit 4, 5

Mgr C manages Org Unit 6

Using TMW, I created selection ID's based on an adhoc query of various org units...Now when a manager logs in and views the team calendar (in the approval screen), they can use a pull-down menu, and select any org unit (1-6), and view the appropriate calendar.

Of course, after time this drop down make become very large as more org units are added, so the question is this...Is there a way to set it up where a manager can log on, and using the Approval Team Calendar drop-down menu, only see the org units that he/she manages, without having to scroll through all of the others?

I'm more than willing to award points.....